flying with stupid

Flying with stupid.
In a few days I shall embark on my first flight post underwear bomber. I have to say I’m a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. No, I’m not scared to fly. In no way do I fear for my safety on this flight. No I fear my sanity. I have a problem with authority. It’s not that I don’t believe in any authority, I do. However, authority is something to be surrendered to, and I just don’t believe in surrendering to anyone blindly. As a result I am a self admitted pain to the TSA. What’s my problem? Oh I don’t know the whole security in exchange for freedom thing… maybe… partially. However it’s mostly the total lack of security I feel because of all these additional measures.
The statistics for terrorism are staggering. In the last decade there have been a grand total of 6 terrorist attacks on airplanes of which 4 were successful. That’s out of almost 100 million flights in that time. Let me put it to you this way, it is probably more likely that I will win the world series of poker, with a royal flush, then go to my room with some fan sire twins, and while screaming I’m king of the world on the comp’ed terrace get struck by lightning all on the same evening. Seriously 1:10,408,947 chances. Granted these odds are still better than winning the lottery in most states but still it’s not happening. I’m 10 times more likely to die driving to the airport then getting attacked by terrorist on the plane.
President Obama has stepped out and declared what I suspected all along. The failure wasn’t in security but in intelligence. The failure wasn’t in a lack of information but in a failure to act, or police it. I was convinced a long time ago that the front line of terrorism isn’t security but police. We need to devote more of our resources to policing these activities then to “hardening our security.” Again to go back to the numbers game in the last ten years there have been 7 trillion passengers on commercial airlines in the last decade. That’s trillion with a Tr and less than 100 terrorist, haystack meet needle. Ask any IT professional and they will tell you that security is all about controlling access. There is no way we can implement a system that can automatically control the access of 7 trillion people, and any manual system would be a) prone to human error, b) waste trillions of dollars c) create incredible delays in travel and d) would likely be a tremendous invasion of privacy.
So how do we combat these terrorist? Well for starters stop calling them terrorist. That’s right contrary to republican talking points sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming terrorist, terrorist, terrorist does not make us any safer. In fact screaming Al Qaeda, over and over again might be even worse. Why doesn’t Pepsi ever mention Coke in one of their commercials or vice a versa? Simple you never want to give your competition airtime on your dime. Yeah it’d be word play at it’s basest, but hear me out. If you were thinking of joining a gang, because you’re “badass” so you need a posse to protect said ass of bad, which are you going to join: The Crips, maybe the bloods, or perhaps the Latin Kings? Why because you know them, or rather, you’ve heard of them. You know nothing about them; you have no idea what you’re getting into. There are literally millions of gangs but you’d probably want to join one of them. The constant name dropping of these groups gives them more strength then their actions. It’s the same with Al Qaeda.
So what’s the problem with calling them Terrorist? Well if we only called them terrorists it’d probably be okay, but it is all to common in far too many circles to conflate terrorist and Muslim. Doing so martyrs Al Qaeda. Instead it is far more descriptive to call them Drug dealing sociopaths with a penchant for killing innocents to see their names in print because they are such attention whores. There is no way to conflate that with a practicing Muslim. None of what I described falls under any tenet of Islam. So again these people are nothing more than drug dealing sociopaths with a penchant for killing innocents to see their names in print because they are attention whores.
The point of all this is to say that I’m not looking forward to traveling. Unfortunately security will be “hardened” even further and the TSA will continue to take my Allen keys away because apparently there are a bunch of Swedish terrorist plots yet to be discovered.

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