A couple of one off’s

Just to pass the day some random stray thoughts

Give us vowels or give us death

The Kyrgyz are facing political upheaval mostly due to the fact that they have no real vowels in there name. Apparently they are important US allies, i find this difficult to say. No, literally. Seriously apparently the up-heavers are saying they have put in place a new government. I imagine they may change their name to one with at least an i or something. Yet knowing America we’ll treat them like Myanmar who we still call Burma sometimes we’re just jerks.



Joe Bastardi was on the Colbert Report last night debating Climate science again. I bring this up again, because while it hasn’t seen much media play an independent investigative group exonerated the scientist behind “climate-gate” and said there was no manipulation of any aspect of science. Anyway Colbert revealed that something like only 30% of meteorologists believe climate change is man made. He showed clips from CNN showing why they may believe this way and basically it boiled down to, since weatherman can’t accurately predict what will happen next week there is no way that they can predict what will happen years from now. Interesting idea, except I don’t need to be meteorologist to tell you there is a high probably that sometime in January in the New England area in 2011 it will snow. I can’t tell you the date but I can tell you it will happen. Just because I can’t tell you the exact date doesn’t mean the practical scientific history of the area is irrelevant. Bastardi comes on to debate an actual climate scientist, and she brings up all the things I’ve mentioned before, ice core data, ocean levels, sea and desert erosion etc. Bastardi fires back with a statement of true note. He says we just don’t know, if he’s right by 2030 well everything will settle down. So we should just wait. Well let me fast-forward to 2030 when my teenage daughter, naturally ask me “Dad. Why the hell didn’t you guys do something stop all this before the seas started boiling?” I’ll have to respond “Well you see Josephina 20 years ago everyone decided to listen to some bastard.”

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