Post scripts 5-28-2010

Post scripts:
From time to time I realize I have more to say on a topic I’ve written about, however I don’t feel a full essay forthcoming. In those instances I turn to the PS.
Rand Paul and the Cliff
I used to be okay with the idea of libertarianism. I really knew nothing about it, but what I heard, that they were against the war, they thought the drug war was foolish and unconstitutional, they wanted to put the power back in the individual, etc… they didn’t seem radical. Then I started hearing libertarians talk. The whole thing just seems half baked and nostalgic for a time that never existed. Then John Stossel chimed in. Man what a duplicitous dipstick. Stossel is the person you go to when you want to teach a lie to people who know nothing about a subject. Every argument I’ve ever seen him make is filled with half truths and outright misrepresentations. Stossel identifies himself as a libertarian, and he not only agrees with Rand Paul he thinks that the part of the civil rights act that deals with private entities should be repealed. He too states how the government should stay out of setting rules for “private business” and should only enforce anti-discrimination for government entities or organizations that receive government funds. The problem is Libertarians also want to get rid of taxes and reduce government to only providing public safety(read: military and police). This would essentially eliminate all instances where government would have any stake in enforcing anti-discrimination rules. I know it is often hyperbolic to say this is a slippery slope, but in this case it’s not just a slippery slope it is a leap of a cliff. What Rand Paul, and now John Stossel claim to support in the Civil rights act is the part that would be rendered irrelevant if the world embraced the libertarian ideology. The fact of the matter is the part that they are against is the part of the law that actually did anything.
Hijacked symbolism
Here inNew Yorkthere is a proposal to build a Muslim community center in the heart of the world trade center. Of course immediately a bunch of people rushed to “defend” the hallowed ground from an “insult” to the people who lost their lives on 9-11. Ugh. Really do I have to go through this again? It is so reptilian for people to try to selfishly claim ownership of this tragedy. They piously claim tolerance while saying the appropriate thing to do is for the Muslims to respect the site and not build there. TheWorldTradeCenterattack was not only a hijacking of airplanes. It was a Hijacking of a religion. People want to claim that Koran teaches violence and hate and so the religion is “evil.” If all it takes is some nut jobs interpreting a religious passage as a call to violence and hate, if that is the criteria for baring buildings from the WTC, then let’s take the bulldozer toST. Paul’s Chapel.
We’re at the peak of technology… 1979 technology
Okay this is just disturbing. Did anybody catch Rachel Maddow on Wednesday? Apparently they uncovered news footage from 1979 of an oil spill in theGulf of Mexico.
The similarities in the approach of the repair are disturbing, as are their failures. Okay creepy weird right? Well get a load of this:


This is a picture of Minicars 1979 RSV, okay not the prettiest machine known to man but check out the specs for this 4 seat sedan:
  • 10MPH bumpers
  • Run Flat tires
  • Anti-lock brakes with crash sensing radar
  • Dual stage air bags
  • 5 speed transmission
  • And 32MPG
As an icing on the cake this vehicle was heavily tested and designed to prevent serious injury at 50 miles per hour. WTF! Why am I only now hearing about a 30 year old car that is safer and more fuel efficient then the car I purchased 2 years ago? Well the whole thing was commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the car was a project commissioned by the carter administration. The project was cancelled during the very next administration by none other than savior of humanity Ronald Wilson Reagan. Much like at the end of the electric car experiments in California, these cars were inexplicably destroyed, you can read the entire story here. These two stories are bookends to, quite possibly, the most depressing story of failure. In my lifetime computers have gone from the size of an entire floor of an office building to the palm of my hand. Yet our primary mode of transportation in many ways hasn’t moved an inch forward.

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