The increasingly less surprising apple announcements

Apple has garnered the lion share of the press today for obvious reasons. The brand new iPad is an impressive device and many of the new features are great improvements. Yet much like the iPhone 4s it is a predictable incremental upgrade. This is not to say it won’t sell boat loads of units. Apple has a process of slowly rolling out new features over time. Honestly if you’re disappointed with apples announcement today you really haven’t been paying attention. The original iPhone lacked 3g at a time when many devices had it. The reason was battery life. They wanted the device to last and they didn’t feel they could do it if they included 3g. I predicted the new iPad coming with LTE back when the rumor mill was churning over the 4s. The reason is simple the sales of iPads with cellular data is tiny in comparison to the iPhone. Selling the LTE iPad gives them a large sample base to test features for the next iPhone. Similarly putting the “retina display” on the iPhone has allowed apple to perfect the process of producing high capacity screens. The new iPad will push the IOS platform further and I’m glad because it means fierce completion in the mobile market is what makes paying attention to tech great.

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