Why Does a Blog Need a Facebook Page


I have a Facebook page for this site. The other day I plugged the page on my personal Facebook account and a friend of mine asked me what the purpose of having an independent location for content outside of my blog. This post is largely a rehash of the conversation but I decided to turn it into a post because it gets into the power of Facebook and social media in general. There are a ton of Facebook pages and many reasons they are created, these are mine.

What Are Facebook Pages

A Facebook page is pretty much just another Facebook profile. It has a timeline, it can receive messages, you can make comments pretty much like a regular Facebook user. The Facebook page though allows you to know how many people look at your feed. Truth be told, I don’t have a wide audience, most of the people who read my posts have met me and probably have had a meal with me. A Facebook page is largely a marketing play, and given my audience I could just do everything on my personal page. The thing is I am not public on Facebook  I really only have people I know in my friend list on Facebook  and I try to tweak the privacy settings pretty hard so that only people I know see what I post. As a strategy of keeping my personal life relatively private this is useful, as a strategy to promote a website this is pretty useless. The Facebook page allows me to have a different set of privacy settings for a more public broadcast.

Does a Small Personal Blog Really Need a Separate Site?

The fact is though a Facebook page is essential a second website. In order to do a Facebook page right you need to do more than just put up links to posts on your blog, particularly if you’re like me and you don’t always have the time to post on your blog. My friend subscribes to the blog through rss and this whole thing started because he wanted to know what the difference was between the rss feed and what was on the Facebook page. Since not everything on the Facebook page makes it to the website from his perspective I’m essentially asking people like him to do additional work to see my content. Like I said before though, the Facebook page is essentially a marketing play at the Facebook audience. Not everyone uses rss, but almost everyone has a Facebook account. A lot of people spend most of their time exclusively on Facebook  In order to reach that audience I have to use the most effective tools to do so. A Facebook page is how to do that.

What About Twitter and Google+

Every social network has a different way of appealing to wide audiences. What is effective on twitter won’t translate well on Facebook  and the same for Google+. It’s the equivalent to the differences between a print ad, a radio ad, and a TV spot. I have a twitter account, and a Google+ account but I’m not promoting my website too much on them, not because their audiences are irrelevant but because I have yet to learn the proper strategy. It was easier for me to grok the marketing strategy behind Facebook pages so for now it is where I am focusing my attention. As a side note I think that a similar phenomenon takes place in software development in the mobile space. The android audience has just as much if not a greater potential financially as the ios community but a lot of developers may simply have more experience marketing on ios and feel more comfortable starting there before branching out.

Creating Something Bigger

Ultimately though the reason I have www.facebook.com/disengageautopilot is because I believe in this blog. I have made over 150 post on this blog. Over the years I believe I’ve really developed a voice, and the more I write the better this blog will become. I believe the content I create here is worthwhile and I want to promote it to the widest audience possible. The Facebook page is a bit of infrastructure towards that goal. I see the Facebook page as just one of the many roads and bridges I will build to the content I create on this page. In the end the reason I have a Facebook page is the same reason you see those little buttons at the bottom of each article, I want more people to share and see what I’ve created.

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