Apple’s very reasonable spec bump

Last week Amazon raised the roof, and then ripped it off with their latest Kindle announcements. For them it was a total product overhaul, and while people were expecting big things most were still floored by the amount of work Amazon put into their new products. That said everyone knew they were just an opening act, and the big boys would really bring the noise. It turns out while they still brought the party, it wasn’t the ruckus people wanted, no this time Apple went acoustic. Okay that’s my quota of broken metaphors today on to the news… Apple refreshed their phones and ipods, SURPRISE!

I know this sounds like fanboyism but Apple’s announcements were underwhelming. This is in part due to the fact that all the significant information was leaked out over the last few months. Still I don’t think tighter secrecy would have improved my reception, nor the reception you’re bound to hear in the coming days, which is that it’s not much of an improvement. For the first time ever I read a live blog of the Apple announcement. Watching the scroll, I got a sense of the anticipation fans have. The what’s next feeling is something that Apple was definitely wise to tap into. The only thing is, like a horror movie, eventually you have to deliver a shock otherwise you disappoint your audience.

Yes, you read that right, the iPhone now has LTE. “How’d we do this? It took a lot of incredible engineering.”

This was a quote from the gdgt scroll. Apple has finally brought LTE to the iPhone, and while if the battery life is as good as they claim it will be a decent accomplishment, but introducing a feature that has been available on other phones for over a year is not what most people would call incredible.

Apple delivered a solid base hit

This in a nutshell was the problem with the new iPhone announcement. There is nothing wrong with the device it is an improvement over the last generation but in far too many ways Apple is playing catch up in the mobile space. They’ve gradually improved the interface, slightly increased the screen size, and increased the speed of the processor and the internet, all welcomed but none innovative.  I don’t think people are going to say the iphone or IOS is dead. That said both Microsoft and Google, have introduced some pretty remarkable competing products and it is not enough to just give a modest spec bump to their existing line in order to continue to stand out. People wanted a home run out of apple, and while they didn’t strike out, all they did was hit a solid single, no points on the board.  (bonus metaphor)

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